How to Clean a Cooker

Sometimes cleaning your gas cooker might be more of a challenge than usual, and with Christmas coming there are usually a lot of large meals to be cooked.


“Female Speaker: OK. I’m going to show you how to clean the top of your range or stove. I’m at my ex-husband’s house and this is really filthy. I guess it hasn’t been cleaned in I don’t know how long but we are going to clean it simply, quickly, non-toxically with cheap, natural products that you can just find right in your kitchen cabinets.

Now, first this is a gas stove. OK? You can do it on an electric stove. Makes no difference. I’m going to remove the tops here. You’re going to get your simple table salt. Any salt will do. Lightly sprinkle all over. What you’re going to do is end up creating a paste and that paste with the vinegar will eat into all of this cooked on grease. This is especially good for stoves that haven’t been cleaned for a while and that grease gets really thick and mucky.

Afterwards you want to sprinkle some white vinegar and add your baking soda. Now if you’re sensitive to vinegar even though it is a natural product, you may wear gloves to do this. I’m not sensitive to it. So what you want to do is you want to rub this in because you’re going to let it sit for a while. Do it in circular motion, all the edges.

You’re going to let that sit. OK. We’ve let this sit for about five minutes. You can let it sit longer. It will do a better job if you let it sit longer but just take a soft scrub and just work that in, in circular motion.

OK. As you see, we did finish wiping up what was left of the paste that was sitting for a few minutes and it did manage to get mostly everything except for the real stubborn grease stains that have been cooked in there for what looks like many, many years. So what we’re going to do is overnight, the same paste we used as before, we’re going to apply it on those rougher areas and leave it overnight and in the morning, you should be able to scrub that right off. I’m using more of the paste because it is –

Male Speaker: How did you make the paste?

Female Speaker: The paste is once again a shot of baking soda, a shot of salt and a shot of white vinegar.”

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